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As an EPA-permitted operation, Cremation Recycling provides proper handling and recycling for all of your post-cremation metal. Whether it’s precious metal dental prosthetics, pacemakers, or non-precious implant prosthetics.

We provide complimentary collection containers — both large and small — to gather and store your metals. When you’re ready to ship them back, we also cover the shipping and insurance costs.

When your container arrives at our plant, we start the actual process of recycling your metal. Our system tracks your metal from collection through the complete refining and recycling process. The end result is a homogenous metal bar that will be analyzed to determine its exact composition in order to calculate its true value.

We will always provide the highest level of service and complete transparency in the collection, refining, and recycling of post-cremation metal by-products. We adhere to the most stringent EPA regulations and oversight, and guarantee our performance and practices. We are also committed to creating a workplace that is safe, healthy, and injury-free.

We will provide the highest compensation available for your metal; then, you decide if you’d prefer to be reimbursed directly or if you’d like the funds donated to a charitable organization of your choice.

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