Why Cremation Recycling?

Our Mission

Since opening our doors in 1982, our mission has been to provide our customers with the best service through a completely transparent recycling option. We understand that customers are curious about the true value of the metals they send in, as well as the refining process itself. Our business requires a great deal of trust, and our open-door policy was put in place to provide our customers with valuable information, assurance, and peace of mind. For those unable to visit our facility and witness their metal being recycled, we offer a sample to fact check our findings.

Your Crematory’s Trusted Partner

Cremation recyclers are not all the same — that is why our reputation is so important to us. We serve well over 200 crematories throughout the United States and Canada, and we have earned their trust by providing the highest level of service, environmental compliance, and transparency.


All Under One Roof

Few companies can offer their customers the same all-inclusive services under one roof. At Cremation Recycling, we receive and smelt all metals at our 19,000 square foot facility using induction-powered furnaces. Our assay lab performs the latest in X-ray fluorescence, fire, and ICP assaying techniques to ensure accurate results.

We provide complete service from collection to recycling — that means we don’t subcontract any services to third-party vendors. Because we control every step of the process, we can provide you with the highest compensation for your metals. Then, you get to decide if you want to receive your funds in the form of direct payment or as a donation to a designated charity.


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