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Responsible Recycling of Post-Cremation Metals and Implants

Our history and leadership in metal recycling and refining dates back to the early 1980s, and reflects an unmatched level of knowledge, experience and commitment to our customers. A core responsibility of our business is serving crematories throughout the United States and Canada with the highest level of servcice, complete transparency, and environmental complience. 


For an in-depth look at how metals are processed at Mid-States, check out our video!

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We support the University of Michigan pacemaker recycling program! Click to learn more.

We support the University of Michigan pacemaker recycling program! Click to learn more.





I usually don’t write testimonials, but my time spent with Kevin McKay and the experience I received while visiting Mid States Recycling and Refining should be pointed out! When our company was questioning the options available to recycle & refine our material we explored several options and after careful consideration, we chose Mid States Recycling and Refining.

My experience was not just reading about one company vs the other, but I visited Mid States and witnessed firsthand how our material is received and processed and believe every customer of Mid States is handled the very same way.

Kevin was upfront, honest and knowledgeable; and just as important as Kevin was to my decision; the people around Kevin were equally as important. I would encourage anyone to visit with Kevin and plan a time to personally visit Mid States. Learn for yourself what Mid States has to offer.
— Shannon Asmus, Vertin Company, Litchfield, MN
We had accumulated quite a bit of recyclable material and needed to move it from our [crematory] facility. We drove to Mid-States Recycling & Refining after setting an appointment, and the technicians and staff that greeted us were all extremely professional and knowledgeable about the whole process.

Beginning with the initial weigh-in of materials, the sorting of the types of materials and all of the documentation that was printed in triplicate was a breath of fresh air. We were handed paper copies of all of the weights of all our materials. (We had never seen any documentation of this sort from the other companies.)

It is with great respect and honor that we recommend Mid-States Recycling & Refining for all of our recycling needs.
— Stephen C. Dawson – President Monarch Cremation Society, Franklin Park, Illinois
The difference I experienced with Mid-States Recycling compared to the others I tried was night and day. After working with them once, it was very apparent [that] the other company we had used took advantage of us. They took the time to thoroughly explain why their process would net better results and, they recommended a processor that helped us tremendously. The processor (which we purchased) recovered all the small metal pieces to be recycled which is great, but it also turned the cremated remains into a very fine powder that was metal-free. It makes for a much nicer presentation to our families.

We have dealt with Mid-States multiple times and as we grow our cremation business we are happy to have Mid-States Recycling to work with and would strongly recommend them to other crematories.
— Kevin Brown - Brown's Cremation & Funeral Service, Grand Junction, Colorado.
Mid-States Recycling has been a valuable resource in responsibly recycling all of our post cremation metals. After visiting their facilities, seeing their processes, meeting with their executives and seeing the pure volume of recycling they do in comparison to any of their competitors, choosing Mid-States was the obvious choice.

Having used them for some time, we feel even better about our decision. They make it very easy by doing everything they can for us as their client by providing us with containers, labels, and even providing us a sample to be taken to a third party assayer to verify their numbers with every batch we send them. They truly have made the process easy, transparent, and comfortable for us as a client.
— Daniel Mifsud - Messinger Mortuaries, Cemeteries and Crematories

Our Promise

We will always provide the highest level of service and complete transparency in the collection, refining and recycling of post-cremation metal by-products. We adhere to the most stringent EPA regulations and oversight, and guarantee our performance and practices. We will provide the highest compensation available  for your metal and either reimburse directly to you or to the charitable organization of your choice.  

Why Us?

Mid-States is the most complete collection-to-recycling company providing the highest compensation available for your post-cremation metals. We don't package compensation with gimmicks like free equipment which only muddles what should be a simple transaction. And nothing is ever "free!" 

We offer our customers all-inclusive services all under one roof. We have our exclusive Mid-States Open Door Policy that invites customers to our facility to watch the smelting and assaying of their metal. We will also provide you with an actual sample of your individual melt for third-party analysis, if desired. 

We are EPA permitted and ISO 14001 compliant meeting or exceeding these environmental and regulatory standards, reducing air pollution, landfill materials, and mining required in the manufacturing of new metal parts.

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