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Jack Brown


Under the direction of Jack’s father Ellis Brown, Mid-States was started in 1981 and Jack was there shortly after, coming on board in 1982. Jack had a firm understanding of technical sales and showed a great interest in the family business. Jack has maintained the philosophy at Mid-States that his father taught him. Be completely honest and transparent and you won’t lose customers. He is an expert in all areas of the recycling facility –ranging from smelting to assay lab to sales and marketing. You can find him in a shirt and slacks most days, but also jeans and a t-shirt getting dirty on others, helping out in back. He is a hands-on owner.


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Ben Brown


Bio coming soon!


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Kevin McKay

Manager - Cremation Division

Kevin joined Mid-States at the end of 2016 specifically to launch the crematory division. He started in the precious metal recycling industry in 2001 and is an expertin dental, dental laboratory and crematory related scrap. Outside of work he loves playing hockey, working out and raising his two young daughters.


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Susan Cobbins

Customer Service Manager & Sales

Susan has been with Mid-States since 2014, and is the friendly British voice you’ll encounter if you need help with anything. She has an extensive sales background in precious metal recycling before coming to Mid-States.


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Torrie Winters

Head Smelter 

Torrie has been with Mid-States since 2006, and has been the head smelter since 2016. He is an expert precious metal smelter.  Torrie enjoys being a family man when not at work.

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Joe Klochan

Trading Department

Joe has been with Mid-States from the beginning, and started working under Ellis Brown at Simmons Refining in 1980. Joe is who we rely on for up to the second pricing and hedging on all the precious metals we process. He also controls our extensive bullion inventory. Joe is an avid boater.


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Gary Dolinko

Trading Departement & Sales

Gary has been a key member of Mid-States since 2001, and had an additional 10 years experience in the precious metal field before that. He is an expert in the pawn, jewelry and industrial fields and has a great understanding of how the metal markets work.  When not at work he loves riding his ATV’s and playing guitar.


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Isidro Perez

Smelting Department


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Wendy McAteer

Customer Service




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T.R. Mundalar

Assay Laboratory Chemist

T.R. has been with Mid-States since 2008 and is an expert assay chemist. He likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.


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Miguel Valencia

Manager - Shipping & Receiving

Miguel has been with Mid-States since 1998 and is the main person when it comes to shipping and receiving. If it comes into Mid-States, it goes through Miguel. Outside of work he enjoys spending his time working out and hanging out with his family.



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Mark Voronoff

Smelting Department


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Linda Kestler

Accounting Department

Linda has been with Mid-States since 2015, and brings over 25 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience with her. Linda loves to camp when not at work and spending time with her family.


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Brian E.

Assay Laboratory Technician

Brian has been with Mid-States since 2010 and is an expert assay lab technician. He has a chemistry background.

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Connie Compton

Manager - Accounting Department

Connie has been with Mid-States since 2008, and brings over 40 years of accounting experience with her. Everything accounting goes through Connie. She loves her dogs and gardening.


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Sunil Honeycutt

Smelting Department

Sunil has been at Mid-States since 2016 and has become a key member of the smelting team. When he’s not at work he loves performing as a DJ.

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Janice Petrucci





Head-Shadow 4x4.png

Mickey B.

Assay Laboratory Technician

Mickey has been with Mid-States since 2013 and is a key member of the assay department and diamond recovering process.

Picture Not Available

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Brian "B-Mac" McAteer

Manager - Maintenance Department

Brian has been with Mid-States since 2012. In addition to handling all things maintenance, he is very helpful in the metal sorting process. Hailing from Ireland, he is very passionate about his country’s heritage and is a massive Celtic F.C. fan.


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James Decker



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Geo Perez

Shipping & Receiving Department