Kevin McKay QUOTED in the ICCFA Magazine!

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I agree that full disclosure of what’s happening is sort of a non-brainer. In general, It’s a personal choice of the crematory or funeral home.
— Kevin McKay

Although post-cremation metal recycling is still a relatively new phenomena it is almost universally practiced by crematoria everywhere. When something like this becomes ubiquitous so quickly, there is the inevitable controversy.  Where do the metals go? Do they belong to the family of the deceased? Is it ethical to profit from the proceeds? These questions have a variety of answers, and they are why we at Mid-States Recycling & Refining are all about transparency. Everything we do is up-front and in the open, and we welcome anyone to come to our plant to see our tracking systems, methods, furnaces, testing lab and equipment and find out exactly what we do from start to finish. 

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