Did You Know? Super Strange and Interesting Uses for Precious Metals!

I am sure you know that dental prosthetics are the reason why you find gold and other precious metals in the post-cremated remains. But there are 100s of other uses for these metals that may surprise you! I thought I’d share some “Did you Knows” with you.

DYK – An ultra-thin layer of gold is plated over windshields of jets. A current can then flow through it to de-ice at high altitudes.

DYK – A thin layer of gold is applied to astronauts suits to help protect them from solar radiation while in outer space.

DYK – This should be “do you remember,” more than “did you know,” but Goldschlager was a semi-popular cinnamon schnapps booze back in the 90’s. When serving the shots you would see the mini gold particles swirling around. Made you feel classy before you felt awful I guess!

I’ll research some more strange and interesting uses for gold and other precious metals in the coming weeks. Silver has a ton of applications so I’m sure that will be a long list.