Did You Know? Some Incredible Platinum Uses In Industrial And Daily Goods!


You likely think of expensive jewelry and watches when platinum comes to mind. But there are so many more industrial uses than just those.

Here are some DYK’s for platinum –

treat cancer.jpg

DYK – It can help to treat cancer?

In certain chemical forms, platinum has the ability to slow or stop the division of living cells. Platinum-based drugs have been developed to help with cancers—breast, testicular and ovarian to name a few.

The first platinum based chemotherapy drug discovered by researchers was cisplatin, which forty years later continues to be effective. In that time, scientists have searched for ways to improve the anti-tumor efficacy of platinum based drugs, reducing the toxicity profile, and strengthening them against resistance.

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DYK – It can help to make cars safer and more efficient!

Platinum-cured silicones are used to coat and protect automotive air bags from their explosive systems. Thanks to the platinum treatment, these air bags remain stable and can be kept folded and packed for long durations without deteriorating.

Additionally, the air bags contain an initiator sensor, which uses a fine platinum wire coated with explosive material to facilitate release of the air bag.

Platinum helps with newer, less-dependent-on-fuel vehicles by acting as an effective and durable catalyst in hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

All FCEVs use a type of fuel cell known as the Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM). This low-temperature, quick-start cell runs off pure hydrogen and uses platinum and palladium at its heart, with the FCEV itself emitting only water from its tailpipe. 


DYK – Beauty, Well-Being and Hygiene

Platinum-cured silicone mixtures are used in a range of personal care products from lipsticks and shampoos to contact lenses.

Additionally, the use of silicones in medical elastomers is one that is showing strong growth going forward. For wound healing they have excellent properties, in that they will stick to dry skin, while not sticking to and damaging the wet wound. Silicones are also air and moisture permeable which improves the healing process. 

DYK – Clothes and Blankets

Platinum catalysts are used to make petrochemical feed stocks, the basic raw materials for the manufacture of plastics, synthetic rubber and polyester fibers used to produce clothes and blankets. 

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DYK – Clean Energy

As mentioned before, platinum-based fuel cells are proving to be more cost-effective, cleaner and more reliable than alternatives such as diesel generators.

These fuel cells that are a great alternative to old, fuel-powered generators. They can harness and store more energy for longer.

Fuel cell mini-grid electrification technology is an attractive, cost-competitive alternative to grid electrification in remote areas and could accelerate access to electricity. Electricity in homes and schools improves the quality of education, and the ability to pump water for irrigation facilitates farming and income generation.

Platinum is the key for some communities to be able to access the power that is vital to modern living.

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